jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

HTML Report from MySQLWorkbench 6.x Schema Model

This begun in 2010 when I started to create a Lua script to generate an HTML report from MySQLWorkbench 5.x (http://tmsanchezdev.blogspot.mx/2010/07/reporte-en-html-de-un-modelo-en.html).

Lua support has been removed from MySQLWorkbench and now we can use Python to generate plugins.

I updated the script to use phyton. Script is available here for download.
To Install the plugin go to Scripting / Install Plugin/Module then select HTMLShemaReport.py file and restart MySQL Workbench

Open your model and go to Tools / Catalog and select "Database schema in HTML format" and provide a file name in save dialog.

Once document has been generated you will see following message:

Then open your HTML document and see the report:

Finally I want to thank all readers for their contributions, specially to Rodrigo Schmidt who started script python.